For over 30 years our Club has helped the Janesville community by providing equal access to a safe and educational place for local youth when they are not in school. The number of kids our Club serves has been growing over the years and we are at capacity in our current building. To continue providing needed services to our youth, our Club is in the public phase of our capital and endowment campaign for a new building. 

This building will provide a larger space overall, more programming space, a dedicated teen center, and the opportunity to provide services for more youth. None of this is possible without the support of our community. As we continue our capital and endowment campaign, we ask community members to support this project and encourage everyone to take some time to visit us here at the Club. See first-hand how we are changing and improving the lives of youth in our community. Contact CEO Rebecca Veium at 608-755-0575 or to set up a tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most youth in the community need a place to go while their parents are working and they cannot be in school. Throughout the years, that community need has grown and our current facility is at capacity. Our Club can serve up to 70 youth a day but there are over 100 kids on our summer and after-school waiting lists we have to turn away. Our Club has a large games room but very little programming space to meet the needs of our Club members. Our current teen center can comfortably hold 15 teens. With a new building, our Club plans to triple the amount of elementary and teen members we can serve each day and provide more resources to the community.

  • Our current building is 12,000 square feet which severely limits the number of kids that can be in the building at one time
  • We are looking to build a 30,000 square foot facility and triple the amount of youth we provide services to
  • Our summer waiting list filled up within two days of opening registration
  • Every day 1 out of 4 kids leave school with no place to go leaving them unsupervised and unsafe approximately 25 hours a week
  • Our after-school programs are at capacity and we currently have a waiting list of over 100 local youth
  • With 97% of our members qualifying for free or reduced meals, our programming is helping address poverty in our community
  • Our community deserves a strong work force and our youth deserve a great future. Our programs are centered around literacy, STEM, workforce development, and ensuring our youth have the resources to succeed

Our Club is working with a campaign consultant and Angus-Young. Our budget was determined in partnership with our consultant, Angus-Young, our general contractor, and our facilities committee. The budget will be used to secure the site location and land preparation for the new facility, cover construction costs and furniture and equipment needs, as well as an endowment to support operating costs of a larger facility.

Our current annual operating budget is funded by partnerships with State agencies, grants, local businesses, foundations, fundraising events, member fees, and local community donors. To meet the increase in our annual budget, the Club has invested in a new role of Resource Development Director. This position, together with the Board of Directors, CEO, and Club Leadership team, will support expanded fundraising efforts including donor stewardship, increasing corporate partnerships, expanding grant and foundation writing, redevelopment of planned-giving and endowment opportunities, and increasing fundraising event success. Proudly, 100% of our Board and Staff are committed to our mission and our campaign and contribute to our annual operations budget.

Families are struggling with rising childcare costs and everyday expenses.  Students in our schools are struggling academically and many are below grade reading level. If our future leaders cannot read and do not succeed in school, our community will not be as strong as it could be. Our Club partners with the Janesville School District to help address academic concerns and bridge learning gaps while providing the most affordable licensed childcare option in our area - reducing the financial burden for families. Many local youth do not have equal access to learning and career opportunities. Our Club addresses that issue by providing resources and opportunities to all of our members. When children are left unsupervised, not only can it be dangerous for them, youth can cause damage in the community as well. When youth have a safe place to go, especially one that provides educational and fun learning opportunities, everyone in the community benefits from the Club’s success. The more youth we can serve, the more the community will gain. Together, we can change lives for youth and continue to build a great future for our youth and community.

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