Rebecca Veium

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca joined the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville in 2020 and believes youth are our most precious resource that we need to invest in. All kids deserve opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential since they will be the next generation of leaders and we want them to be as successful as possible. Rebecca is honored to be a part of the Club to promote great futures for all Janesville youth and our community.

Tracy Benedict

Finance Director

Tracy has been with the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville for 10 years and is proud to be a part of a wonderful team that supports youth in the community. Tracy is inspired every day by the youth that come to the Club. They motivate Tracy to do her best and empower them to become whatever they want.

Nicole Rusch

Resource Development Director

Nicole joined the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville in April 2023, and loves being part of an organization with the power to change a child’s life. Having spent years in non-profit and communications helping adults with barriers, Nicole saw first-hand the difference positive support and a safe place to go as a child can make. Nicole has a very active toddler and new baby girl that are full of life and amazing potential, something she feels that all children should have.

Carleen Courtney

Director of Operations

Carleen joined the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville in July 2023 and is proud to be part of an organization that provides a safe place with quality programming for the youth in our community. When not at the Club, Carleen enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids, playing the piano, and volunteering.

Addie Mayfield

Teen Program Manager

Addie started coming to the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville in second grade and has been with us ever since. As the Teen Program Manager Addie guides youth the way her mentors guided her. Addie feels at home at the Club and says being able to give kids a positive environment is more rewarding than anything.

Shayla Morrow

Elementary Program Manager


Sophia Rotzoll

Administrative Specialist

Sophia started at the club in September and says she feels so lucky to be given the opportunity to work with the Club kids. The relationships she has made since working here allow her to have fun and to work hard at the same time. The Boys & Girls Club is a friendly and welcoming environment.

Photo Credit: photos generously provided by Neighborhood Photography